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We renovated and moved into our new Clinic Premises in April 2018. The site of the former Shakers/Hee B G Bees bar on Witham, the premises is now a cool and welcoming space which houses a Drop In Centre. The Drop In Centre offers sofa's and Tea and Coffee bar with snacks available for you to relax and chat with our team.

We have a reception where you are able to book appointments to see Paul Bishoprick Dip.Hyp or to gain help in any other ways, And a custom built Therapy Room where the Hypnotherapy Sessions take place.

Decorated in a bright and clean way, the Clinic is also available to hire for similar style therapists such as Reiki Massage therapists, Sports Physiotherapist or Zumba groups as examples. To book please contact our Reception on 01482 325821 or email for availability and pricing.

We welcome all people into our space, and everyone is guaranteed a friendly welcome and the ability to chat to people.

Our Opening Times are as follows.....

Monday - 10am - 4pm     5pm-9pm Available to hire

Tuesday - 10am - 4pm    7pm- 8:30pm Hypnotic Weight Management Group Sessions

Wednesday - 9am - 2pm  5pm - 9pm Available to Hire

Thursday - 10am - 4pm     5pm - 9pm Available to Hire

Friday - 10am - 4pm          5pm - 9pm Available to Hire

Saturday - By Appointment Onlyor Available to Hire

Sunday - Closed

Call us on 01482 325821 or 07552 075556 or Email

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