This month's In Focus 

Stress Reduction

What is Stress Reduction?

Stress is the second most popular reason for people to have time off work behind the Common Cold. Stress can manifest itself in many different mental and physical ways, for example Fatigue, illnesses, unable to concentrate among many others.

And despite companies using the cliched "leave your home stuff at home" line, stress usually occurs more from things happening in homelife, compounded with work based stress. So as a company you have a duty of care to look after the employee. Therefore PB Clinical Hypnotherapy offer Corporate Contracts for company's to use our services for their staff to relieve stress.

Stress Redution can also help with people who suffer from Anxiety. As part of my Anxiety programme, I always do a Stress Reduction Session. This usually gives extremely good results for Anxiety Clients and a definate change of their demeanour between session 1 and 2.

So if you are feeling stressed, or modern living makes you feel anxious, the please get in touch, You can contact the clinic directly on 01482 325821 or on 07552 075556 after clinic hours. Or you can email Finally, you can message through the contact page or the PB Clinical Hypnotherapy Facebook Page.

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