Here at PB Clincal Hypnotherapy

We are proud of our Armed Forces

Free Sessions For Active or Recently retired Armed Forces Workers.

We believe that our UK Armed Forces do a great job of protecting our nation and making sure that any threat is dealt with effectively.

However, we are also aware that the effects of the job can lead to physical and mental health illness. Here at PB Clinical Hypnotherapy, we are trained in delivering PTSD Hypnosis sessions that can help our soldiers overcome the trials and tribulations they see and go through in their day to day lives, things most of us can't even imagine.

Furthermore, because of the incredible job that our servicemen and women do or have done, we believe that they shouldn't have to pay for this service, they have done enough already. So we offer FREE Sessions to current serving servicemen and women, or for people who have recently left our Armed Forces. Of course, we will require proof of your service to our country which we are sure you will be happy to provide.

If you have any questions about our service or if you wish to book, please call the clinic on 01482 325821 or contact Paul on 07552 075556

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